November 27, 2015

Cosy & Warm

The days are getting colder and crisper, and the nights are now drawing in as early as 4 o’clock.

Winter has arrived. Whilst it might be cold outside, it’s the perfect excuse to live a little more indulgently inside! It’s a time for piping-hot bowls of homemade soup, wrapping ourselves in cosy layers of wool & fleece, and for settling down with big mugs of warm cocoa.


Around this time every day, when twilight has started to make the house all shades of blue,  I light the fire in our living room and it just makes everything feel warm and homely again. There aren’t many better places to snuggle down than in front of a roaring fire, flames all ablaze with the sound  of crackling logs…..

Ryan Mahle - Fireplace-RM

Photo copyright, Ryan Mahle

Tatiana Belova-burning-wood-on-fireplace

Photo copyright, Tatiana Belova

damon hart-davis flames

Photo copyright, Damon Hart-Davis