February 26, 2016

Down To A Tee

Stuck for gift ideas for a photo-loving friend? Well, fret no more!

I’ve been scouring for some photography-themed clothing for a while, and stumbled on this ‘Tourist’ t-shirt from Don’t Feed The Bears


Am loving it, it’s perfect for those days when you’ve left your camera at home and your neck feels completely bare without a camera strap swinging from it 🙂

Wish they did a women’s fit style, but hey I’m not fussed, so consider it on my Christmas list !


There’s also this camera tee, available at Threadless and it comes in both men’s and women’s fits, result!

Plus there’s this one from RedBubble too:


And at just under £15, this evolution tee seems to have everything figured out pretty well…!

amazon evo

There are loads of cool photography-based designs out there at the moment, so there’s plenty of choice for treating yourself, a photo friend, or popping onto the old Christmas gift list 🙂

Seen any original designs? Got a favourite yourself? Feel free to share, would love to see what else is out there 🙂