October 15, 2015

Flocking Together

It’s gradually getting colder for us Northern Hemisphere dwellers, and the summer wardrobe is well and truly at the back of the wardrobe now.

But with the onset of autumn and winter comes all sorts of wonderful changes in nature. It’s a time for long walks, crunching through crispy leaves underfoot, with all manner of lovely golden browns, ambers and rust reds.

And it’s of course a time for birds to up-nest and head for warmer climes.

I’ve been heading to the park a lot more recently to capture all the colours and textures (more in a later post 🙂 ) but I’ve noticed so many more flocks of birds bursting out of sparse trees as the days go by. Migration season is upon us already, and as I’m constantly wrapped in jumpers and scarves, I can’t really blame them!

So, here’s a little flock of images from a handful of photographers, who’ve captured birds in all sorts of weather and motion…

Jai Maisel flock of birds

Photo copyright, Jay Maisel

Kim Steel - flock of birds

Photo copyright, Kim Steel

Arthur Morris - flock of birds

Photo copyright, Arthur Morris

Fabrice Geslin - flock of birds

Photo copyright, Fabrice Geslin

Red-billed Quelea (Quelea quelea) flock taking off at sunset

Photo copyright, via Warren Photographic

David_Lilly - flock of birds

Photo copyright, David Lilly

All beautiful shots, and all so different in the tone & feeling they convey – lovely to behold in person, but just as lovely to appreciate in a photograph …