November 12, 2015

Pretty Lights

We’re fast-approaching Christmas, and the next 6 weeks or so will fly by, as they always do.

If you’re like me, you’ll be manoeuvring through chaotic shopping sprees, crumpled gift lists, rummaging in the attic for decorations long lost,  and preparing sleeping arrangements for last minute visitors we may never even get!


So, whilst I think on and have a spare 5 minutes, I’ve grabbed a set of twinkling fairy lights and started to make some bokeh-inspired backdrops – perfect for framing on the walls, using as backgrounds for websites, adding text for glittery memes, and anything else you can make use of them for!

Any kind of twinkly lights will do for this project. I had a set of warm white LEDs to hand, but once the decorations are down from the attic I’ll be shooting colourful lights too.


Try and remove all other light from the room if you can, and set your aperture as wide as it will go. I like using f1.8 or f2.0, but if your lens only opens as wide as f3.5 don’t worry, as you’re still letting in as much light as possible.


Set your camera to manual, and then simply de-focus….


Depending on your fairy lights, you’ll get differing tones and hues coming through – with my warm leds, the result was a combination of ambers, honeys, oranges, warm chocolate browns.

However, a little tweaking in Lightroom5 converted 1 photo into 3 other variations…

Product-565 Product-567 Product-568

With adjustments to contrast, shadows, highlights and tone, I’ve now got sparkly pink, dreamy blue and feisty orange versions.

So simple to do, very little set-up needed, and any camera on manual (de)focus should produce some pretty lovely results 🙂