April 26, 2016

My Go-to Backdrops

Having recently moved home, the new layout means I can no longer have a dedicated studio space, and I feared I’d be lost without my trusty backdrops. But in fact, something as simple as a roll of wallpaper has come to the rescue more than once.



I picked up 2 rolls of Ella Bella photographic wallpaper – one in a whitewash wood and the other a vintage wood. These rolls are typically wider & longer than your standard roll of wallpaper, and measure about 1.2m x 7.5m, giving plenty of surface area to shoot against. I’ve also bought damask wallpaper, multi-coloured rolls, and tile-effect. There’s loads of choice out there, and once you get them home you’ll find there’s plenty of flexibility in their usage.

I tend to shoot any food-based and lifestyle photography against the whitewash wood. I lay a large piece on the floor, arrange my items, set my lighting, and then shoot downwards. It gives me far more space to work than on my dining table or kitchen worktops, plus it’s easier to clean (ie.throw away!) if things get messy!


For portraits, any wallpaper will do, depending on the mood you’re trying to convey. I usually take little pieces of masking tape and attach the roll to any wall where the tape won’t stick/peel off underneath. Making sure it’s flush and without bubbles can take time, but it gives an effective and quick result.


The lovely Yolisa, from YoYumTum

And for children’s shots you can go to town with brighter colours and patterns to make it more fun. The beauty of wallpaper is that you can pick it up from most department stores and because a roll is only small, it won’t cause huge storage issues for you either (unless you buy half the shop, that is!)

I’m on the lookout for a realistic brick-effect at the moment, so if anyone knows of a good one, please let me know where to find it – thanks 🙂